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50 Side Hustles for HR Professionals

    Many HR professionals are exploring additional income streams through side hustles. These endeavors not only provide financial benefits but also offer opportunities for skill development and flexibility. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 50 side hustles tailored for HR professionals.

    Why HR Professionals Should Have a Side Hustle

    HR professionals should consider having a side hustle for several compelling reasons:

    1. Supplemental Income: A side hustle provides an additional source of income, which can help HR professionals better manage expenses, save for future goals, or pay off debts. In an uncertain economy or during periods of job insecurity, having multiple streams of income can provide financial stability and peace of mind.
    2. Skill Development: Side hustles offer opportunities for HR professionals to develop new skills or expand their expertise beyond their primary job roles. Whether it’s learning about marketing, sales, technology, or entrepreneurship, engaging in a side hustle can broaden one’s skill set and make them more versatile and marketable in the job market.
    3. Career Exploration: Side hustles allow HR professionals to explore alternative career paths, industries, or business ideas without committing to a full-time role. It provides a low-risk way to test out different opportunities, gain exposure to new environments, and discover potential areas of interest or passion outside of traditional HR functions.
    4. Networking Opportunities: Engaging in a side hustle can expand one’s professional network by connecting with clients, customers, or collaborators from different industries or backgrounds. Networking is essential for career advancement, and a side hustle provides opportunities to meet new people, build relationships, and uncover potential career opportunities or partnerships.
    5. Personal Fulfillment: Pursuing a side hustle that aligns with one’s interests, passions, or hobbies can provide a sense of fulfillment and purpose beyond the confines of a traditional job. Whether it’s pursuing creative endeavors, volunteering for a cause, or starting a passion project, a side hustle can bring joy and satisfaction to one’s life outside of work.
    6. Resilience and Adaptability: In today’s rapidly changing job market, having a side hustle can enhance an HR professional’s resilience and adaptability. It equips them with additional skills, experiences, and resources that can help them navigate career transitions, job loss, or industry disruptions more effectively.
    7. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: For HR professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit, a side hustle can serve as a stepping stone to starting their own business or venture. It allows them to test out business ideas, build a client base, and generate revenue while maintaining the security of their full-time job.

    50 Side Hustles HR Professionals Should Consider

    1. Customer Service Representative

    Average Salary: $13.81 per hour Customer service representatives handle inquiries, provide information about products and services, and resolve customer concerns. This role is ideal for HR professionals with strong communication and problem-solving skills.

    2. Recruiter

    Average Salary: $14.04 per hour Recruiters source candidates for job openings, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and extend job offers on behalf of clients. HR professionals adept at networking and assessing candidate qualifications excel in this role.

    HR side hustles recruiter

    3. Employment Specialist

    Average Salary: $15.97 per hour Employment specialists manage recruitment processes, from job postings to candidate selection and onboarding. They liaise with hiring managers and applicants, ensuring a smooth hiring experience.

    4. Career Coach

    Average Salary: $16.07 per hour Career coaches offer guidance to individuals seeking career advancement or transitions. HR professionals with experience in talent development and coaching can leverage their expertise to help clients achieve their career goals.

    5. Influencer

    Average Salary: $16.20 per hour Influencers leverage social media platforms to promote products or services. HR professionals with a strong online presence and marketing skills can partner with brands to endorse their offerings.

    6. Transcriptionist

    Average Salary: $16.36 per hour Transcriptionists convert audio recordings into written documents. Attention to detail and typing proficiency are essential skills for HR professionals interested in this side hustle.

    7. Promoter

    Average Salary: $16.50 per hour Promoters raise awareness about organizations or events through marketing activities. HR professionals with strong interpersonal skills can excel in promoting products, services, or events.

    8. Translator

    Average Salary: $17.25 per hour Translators convert written content from one language to another while ensuring accuracy and context relevance. HR professionals fluent in multiple languages can capitalize on their language skills in this role.

    9. Legal Assistant

    Average Salary: $17.34 per hour Legal assistants provide administrative support in legal offices, aiding in client communication and research. HR professionals with a keen eye for detail and organizational skills can thrive in this role.

    10. Social Media Manager

    Average Salary: $17.82 per hour Social media managers oversee company social media accounts, create content, and engage with followers. HR professionals with marketing acumen can leverage their skills to enhance brand visibility and engagement on social media platforms.

    Resume screener HR Side Hustle

    11. Resume Screener

    Average Salary: $19.21 per hour Resume screeners evaluate job applications to identify suitable candidates for further consideration. HR professionals with experience in recruitment and selection processes are well-suited for this role.

    12. Virtual Assistant

    Average Salary: $19.90 per hour Virtual assistants provide remote administrative support, including customer service and scheduling. HR professionals with strong organizational and communication skills can excel in this flexible role.

    13. Proofreader

    Average Salary: $22.23 per hour Proofreaders ensure written materials are grammatically correct and error-free. Attention to detail and proficiency in grammar and punctuation are essential for HR professionals pursuing this side hustle.

    14. Copywriter

    Average Salary: $23.28 per hour Copywriters craft persuasive content for marketing purposes across various platforms. HR professionals with strong writing skills and creativity can leverage their expertise to create compelling copy for advertisements, websites, and promotional materials.

    15. Speaker

    Average Salary: $23.59 per hour Speakers deliver presentations on topics related to personal or professional development. HR professionals with expertise in areas such as leadership, communication, or employee engagement can share their knowledge and insights as guest speakers at events or conferences.

    16. Tutor

    Average Salary: $25.05 per hour Tutors assist students in understanding academic subjects and improving learning skills. HR professionals with expertise in areas such as human resource management, organizational behavior, or business communication can offer tutoring services to students pursuing related courses.

    17. IT Specialist

    Average Salary: $25.10 per hour IT specialists manage digital systems and provide technical support to users. HR professionals with IT skills and knowledge can provide IT support services to individuals or small businesses as a side hustle.

    18. Business Consultant

    Average Salary: $31.35 per hour Business consultants offer guidance on business planning, operations, and financial management. HR professionals with experience in strategic planning, organizational development, or project management can leverage their expertise to provide consulting services to businesses seeking to improve their operations.

    19. HR Consultant

    Average Salary: $36.33 per hour HR consultants assist clients in establishing and optimizing human resources practices. Experienced HR professionals can offer consulting services in areas such as talent management, employee relations, or HR technology implementation.

    HR Side Hustles Adjunct Professor

    20. Adjunct Professor

    Average Salary: $52.03 per hour Adjunct professors teach part-time at colleges or universities, often in addition to full-time roles. HR professionals with expertise in HR management, labor relations, or employment law can teach courses related to their field as adjunct professors.

    21. Technical Writer

    Average Salary: $28.55 per hour Technical writers create documentation and instructional materials for complex technical subjects. HR professionals with strong writing skills and the ability to translate technical information into clear and concise language can excel in this role.

    22. Public Relations Assistant

    Average Salary: $20.65 per hour Public relations assistants support PR efforts by drafting press releases, managing media relations, and coordinating events. HR professionals with excellent communication and organizational skills can leverage their expertise to assist PR teams in promoting organizations or events.

    23. Marketing Assistant

    Average Salary: $19.75 per hour Marketing assistants support marketing campaigns by conducting market research, creating content, and analyzing data. HR professionals with a keen understanding of consumer behavior and marketing principles can contribute to marketing initiatives as assistants.

    24. Graphic Designer

    Average Salary: $24.37 per hour Graphic designers create visual content for various media platforms, including websites, advertisements, and promotional materials. HR professionals with design skills and creativity can offer graphic design services to businesses or individuals seeking visually appealing branding materials.

    25. Sales Representative

    Average Salary: $22.91 per hour Sales representatives promote and sell products or services to customers. HR professionals with strong communication and negotiation skills can excel in sales roles, particularly in industries related to human resources, such as HR technology or recruitment services.

    26. Pharmacy Technician

    Average Salary: $16.77 per hour Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in dispensing medications and managing pharmacy operations. HR professionals with attention to detail and organizational skills can pursue this side hustle in healthcare settings, such as pharmacies or hospitals.

    27. Training Specialist

    Average Salary: $23.45 per hour Training specialists develop and deliver training programs to employees on various topics, including compliance, software applications, and soft skills development. HR professionals with experience in training and development can offer their expertise to organizations seeking to enhance employee skills and performance.

    28. Event Planner

    Average Salary: $23.11 per hour Event planners coordinate and manage events, such as conferences, weddings, and corporate functions. HR professionals with strong organizational and project management skills can leverage their expertise to plan and execute successful events for clients.

    29. Market Researcher

    Average Salary: $24.54 per hour Market researchers collect and analyze data to identify market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. HR professionals with analytical skills and a strong understanding of human behavior can conduct market research for businesses seeking insights into their target markets.

    30. Financial Advisor

    Average Salary: $32.84 per hour Financial advisors provide guidance on investment strategies, retirement planning, and wealth management. HR professionals with knowledge of employee benefits and retirement plans can pursue this side hustle by offering financial advisory services to individuals or small businesses.

    31. Travel Agent

    Average Salary: $20.65 per hour Travel agents assist clients in planning and booking travel arrangements, including flights, accommodations, and activities. HR professionals with organizational skills and attention to detail can leverage their expertise to help clients plan memorable travel experiences.

    HR Side Hustle Event Coordinator

    32. Virtual Event Coordinator

    Average Salary: $22.89 per hour Virtual event coordinators plan and execute online events, such as webinars, virtual conferences, and digital workshops. HR professionals with experience in event planning and technology can adapt their skills to organize engaging virtual events for clients.

    33. Data Entry Specialist

    Average Salary: $15.25 per hour Data entry specialists input, update, and maintain data in electronic databases and spreadsheets. HR professionals with attention to detail and proficiency in data management software can pursue this side hustle to support businesses in organizing and managing data effectively.

    34. Online Course Instructor

    Average Salary: $25.75 per hour Online course instructors develop and deliver educational content for online learning platforms. HR professionals with expertise in areas such as leadership development, employee training, or HR best practices can create and teach courses tailored to professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

    35. Bookkeeper

    Average Salary: $21.12 per hour Bookkeepers maintain financial records, reconcile accounts, and prepare financial reports for businesses. HR professionals with a strong understanding of accounting principles and attention to detail can offer bookkeeping services to small businesses or entrepreneurs seeking to manage their finances effectively.

    36. Personal Assistant

    Average Salary: $20.45 per hour Personal assistants provide administrative support to individuals, including scheduling appointments, managing correspondence, and organizing tasks. HR professionals with excellent organizational and time management skills can assist busy professionals or executives as personal assistants.

    37. Fitness Instructor

    Average Salary: $22.75 per hour Fitness instructors lead exercise classes, provide instruction on proper techniques, and motivate participants to achieve their fitness goals. HR professionals with a passion for health and wellness can become certified fitness instructors and teach classes at gyms, studios, or community centers.

    38. Web Developer

    Average Salary: $29.76 per hour Web developers design and create websites, including layout, navigation, and functionality. HR professionals with technical skills and creativity can pursue web development as a side hustle, helping businesses or individuals establish an online presence with professional and user-friendly websites.

    39. E-commerce Store Owner

    Average Salary: Varies E-commerce store owners sell products or services online through their own websites or platforms like Shopify or Etsy. HR professionals with entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen can start their own e-commerce businesses, selling products related to their interests or expertise.

    40. Language Tutor

    Average Salary: $24.65 per hour Language tutors provide instruction in foreign languages, helping students develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. HR professionals fluent in multiple languages can offer tutoring services to individuals seeking to learn or improve their language proficiency for personal or professional reasons.

    41. Airbnb Host

    Average Salary: Varies Airbnb hosts rent out accommodations, such as rooms, apartments, or houses, to travelers through the Airbnb platform. HR professionals with spare space and hospitality skills can become Airbnb hosts, earning extra income by welcoming guests and providing a comfortable stay experience.

    HR Side Hustle Content Creator

    42. Content Creator (Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube)

    Average Salary: Varies Content creators produce original content in various formats, such as blog posts, podcasts, videos, or social media posts. HR professionals with expertise in HR-related topics, career advice, or personal development can share their knowledge and insights with a broader audience by creating valuable content online.

    43. Brand Ambassador

    Average Salary: $23.65 per hour Brand ambassadors represent and promote brands at events, trade shows, or online platforms, increasing brand awareness and engaging with potential customers. HR professionals with strong communication skills and a passion for specific brands can become brand ambassadors, advocating for products or services they believe in.

    44. Mobile App Developer

    Average Salary: $36.80 per hour Mobile app developers design and create applications for smartphones and tablets, ranging from games and social networking apps to productivity and utility apps. HR professionals with programming skills and a creative mindset can develop mobile apps as a side hustle, catering to specific user needs or interests.

    45. Interior Decorator

    Average Salary: $24.85 per hour Interior decorators plan and design interior spaces, including selecting furniture, colors, and accessories to create aesthetically pleasing environments. HR professionals with an eye for design and a passion for creating beautiful spaces can offer interior decorating services to clients seeking to enhance their homes or offices.

    46. Photography Services

    Average Salary: $25.45 per hour Photographers capture images for various purposes, including portraits, events, products, or landscapes. HR professionals with photography skills and equipment can offer photography services for weddings, family portraits, corporate events, or commercial projects as a side hustle.

    47. Home Organizer

    Average Salary: $22.35 per hour Home organizers help individuals declutter, organize, and optimize their living spaces for improved functionality and efficiency. HR professionals with organizational skills and a knack for creating orderly environments can assist clients in decluttering and organizing their homes as a side hustle.

    48. Voiceover Artist

    Average Salary: $29.95 per hour Voiceover artists provide voice recordings for commercials, animations, audiobooks, podcasts, or video games. HR professionals with clear diction and vocal versatility can lend their voices to various projects as voiceover artists, recording scripts in different tones, accents, or languages.

    49. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

    Average Salary: $22.25 per hour Pet sitters and dog walkers care for pets in the absence of their owners, providing feeding, exercise, and companionship services. HR professionals with a love for animals and flexible schedules can offer pet sitting or dog walking services to pet owners seeking reliable care for their furry friends.

    50. Gardening or Landscaping Services

    Average Salary: $21.65 per hour Gardeners and landscapers design, install, and maintain outdoor spaces, including gardens, lawns, and landscapes. HR professionals with green thumbs and a passion for gardening can offer gardening or landscaping services to homeowners or businesses looking to enhance their outdoor environments.

    In summary, having a side hustle offers numerous benefits for HR professionals, including financial security, skill development, career exploration, networking opportunities, personal fulfillment, resilience, and entrepreneurial opportunities. By diversifying their income streams and expanding their professional horizons, HR professionals can enhance their career prospects, achieve greater financial freedom, and lead more fulfilling professional lives.